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Through a variety of mediums, I have been telling stories for over 15 years with a focus on exploring humanity in my subjects. I am an Iceland Writer’s Retreat Alumni where I ventured into the world of quill and ink only to discover a new journey through the craft of the word.

The inspiring people that I've met along my travels, their strife and successes, passions and pains, and exceptional humanity are the focus of my writings.

It is my hope that I make a moral impact and remind adults of the joy that childlike compassion can bring. 



The Dolphin and Rose

The Dolphin and Rose Paperback Cover FRONT.jpg

Juvenile Adventure Award

Fiction Children's Award

Children's Poetry Finalist

While natural for some, linguistic communication may not come easily to others. Sometimes we forget that between idea and expression lies a chasm of imagination full of wonderous insights. For those who struggle with conventional communication, let us extend our minds to see what they see, feel what they feel, and assure them that their uniqueness is as celebrated as anyone's.
Be kind. Be love.

'The Dolphin and Rose' is an award-winning heartfelt tale about friendship, respect, and self-expression. With vivid illustrations and a captivating storyline, this children's book takes readers on the journey of a dolphin who dreams of telling his stories to people, and his new friend Rose, a young girl with a curious spirit. Through their special bond, the dolphin learns to speak the language of humans. However, not everyone is ready to listen.

'The Dolphin and Rose' encourages children, and reminds adults, to accept and respect the different voices they encounter, making it an excellent read for families and classrooms alike.


"A brilliant heartfelt little book with mesmerizing illustrations. Bashir Bashir, the author, has given us a poetic little story of resilience, empathy, and community connectedness."
-Amazon Review

"Bashir elegantly and brilliantly takes our human heart and connects it to the divinity in every creature, deserving of its space and purpose for existing."
-Amazon Review

"The Dolphin and Rose is an exquisitely illustrated book with a message of compassion, allyship, activism, and gentle care. Told in a poetic tone, this book cleverly explains how we can be connected to others who are very different from us and how, with that bond, we can love, respect, and protect each other. This is a timely tale for this day and age!"
-Amazon Review

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