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Bashir Bashir

As I sat one day at a friend’s play, entranced by the violin notes dancing to the choreography of the conductor's baton, the vibrant set came alive with the emotion of the actors. The performance awakened a passion within me, something I had misplaced in the cumulative pile that had become my professional life. I was captivated by how all the elements sang in unison to tell a story. Illuminated by a spark of realization, it was then that my life calling became clear; bringing stories to life through powerful, emotive, and impactful experiences. A week later, I left my engineering career behind and embarked on a journey of curiosity, creativity, and storytelling.
That was 2008.     
Since then I have studied, experimented, and explored many different disciplines, enriching my toolbelt with more ways to tell stories. With work spanning over 30 countries, I am continuously compelled by the opportunities found in every challenge.       
Over the course of my years in the creative industry, I have learned that fostering a collaborative and nurturing creative environment is key to enabling any team I lead. In an ever-evolving creative landscape, I am constantly seeking new ways to push boundaries and uplift others. I believe in inspiring everyone I work with to produce cohesive and impactful work, true to the vision set forth by any brief.     Working closely with clients, I hear and understand their DNA. Translating that into well-developed and purposeful concepts, I take pride in bringing together a team so that we can craft their stories into resonating experiences.
Stories live through the form we give them.
That is my passion.
That is my drive.

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